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Flexible Packaging


PRINTELA was first to introduce flexible packaging in Lithuania, but also one of the first in all of Northern Europe too, printed using the modern digital printer HP Indigo 2000. New technology enables us to produce packaging of the highest quality, allows us to focus on small quantities, food and non-food products, frozen or fresh produce and solid or liquid based products. As there is no minimum printing quantity, digital printing provides us the ability to create unique packaging at the same time with different information, as well as swiftly update information about products minimising costs.

Digital printing methods preserve the use of unnecessary, warehouse stored packaging. Having ordered an exact quantity of required packaging grants us the capability to easily update any marking requirements, market changes or tendencies.




PRINTELA  is a reliable business partner, providing high quality adhesive and textile labelling options since 1997.

In order to ensure quality and endurance, during the production process foiling, silkscreen printing methods are applied.

These labels are widely used across many different industries - cosmetic, textile, food, drink production etc.

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