Blank adhesive labels

Blank adhesive labels are mainly used for printing with thermal transfer or direct thermal printers.

We are producing blank labels meeting all of your requirements and can be used in absolutely all thermal transfer printers (Zebra, CAB, Toshiba, TSC, etc.)

We can produce blank labels from different types of materials, most popular being:

  • Paper (matte or glossy);

  • Thermal paper (no need for transfer ribbon in the printer);

  • Film – PP, PE, PET (matte, glossy or transparent).

Every order will be manufacturing taking into account all your technical requirements:

  • The diameter of inner tube and the roll;

  • Number of lines;

  • Different types of rolling.

You can choose blank labels from already made sizes which we have in storage or we can make you a custom form label.

In most cases blank labels are white, but depending on your requirements, these labels can be colored or partially printed using any kind of graphical elements and later the changing information can be printed using thermal printers on the spot.

If you are using thermal paper, then you will also need transfer ribbons. More information can be found here.