Flexible packaging

We offer new opportunities for businesses in a quickly growing flexible packaging market

From now on flexible packages can be produced even in small quantities, quickly and inexpensively. This became possible due to completely new digital printing technology, which we were first to launch in Lithuania and one of the first in Northern Europe.

This technology opens up vast possibilities for new businesses and small budget projects. Personalized flexible packages allow you to easily run modern marketing campaigns, create strong brand recognition and identity.



This innovative technology allows us to quickly produce even small print runs with varying designs and immediately use them in the market. We will finish your order in 1-3 weeks, while conventionally produced flexible packages can take up to 2 months to finish.



Digital printing technology creates new possibilities in the packaging area, while still saving costs. Now there is no need freeze your assets when ordering large quantities of packages, storing them and using packages for different distribution channels. Printing forms (clichés) are not necessary when printing digitally, while the costs of printing forms for conventionally produced packaging can be as much as 1000-2000 euro for each design.


Eye-catching design:

Brands are always on the look for new ways to catch the customers’ attention by creating personalized designs, specifically made for various occasions, seasons, discounts, campaigns and connecting them with social media channels.

From now on each package you use can have a unique design, text, barcode, QR code. Each different package can be uniquely printed without any additional costs. Special software can create even hundreds of thousands of unique design patterns.


Digital printing opens new and before unimagined possibilities to flexible packaging, while creating businesses and brands opportunities to communicate with customers through their packaging, strengthen their loyalty and increase sales.


Contact us and we will suggest you new packaging possibilities for the success of your business!