Flexo labels (Flexography)

Flexography – a printing method, which uses flexible rubber or plastic printing forms (clichés) alongside with quickly drying paint. Every printing form is mounted on a rolling cylinder and transfers the paint on the substrate. Using flexography we can print on different types of materials – paper, carton, foil, film (PP, PE, PET, BOPP, etc.) and textile (nylon, polyester, satin, cotton). We are able to print using up to 8 different colors.

The advantages of flexography:

  • Low costs when printing large quantities;

  • Speed of printing;

  • Richness of the colors.

The disadvantages of flexography:

  • Necessity to produce printing forms;

  • High costs for starting and running the equipment;

  • Longer production time.

All labels can be varnished, laminated or foiled. Read more here.