Indigo labels (Digital print)

Using the digital printing method we can print Your label directly from the computer. No printing forms (clichés) are required for this method, so the costs and production time are reduced.

Our company has successfully installed two of the most modern digital offset presses - HP Indigo, which opens new opportunities for Your labels and packages. Using this press we can print on any flexible material in the range of 12-450 μm thickness. Moreover, in the same production line we are using priming equipment and Your costs are further reduced. HP Indigo can print up to 60m/min speed, so the majority of Your orders will be finished in 96 hours and extremely urgent orders can be done in 6 hours.

We can print serial numbers, changing barcodes or QR codes on every label or package.

Furthermore, our equipment allows your labels to have 97% color repetition. We guarantee you, that when you choose one color code, you will always get the same color.

We will make you a free sample – contact us and order it now.

The advantages of digital printing:

  • Low costs when printing low and medium quantities or when the label design is constantly changing;

  • Fast production time;

  • Highest printing quality;

  • Color repetition – 97%;

  • Flexibility – we can change or modify your labels with no extra productions costs.

All labels can be varnished, laminated or foiled. Read more here.