Premade pouches


With the state-of-art equipment we manufacture premade pouches with high quality print for various types of products.

Digital printing gives opportunities even for small companies to acquire small runs of premade pouches, increase visibility in the shelves and get advantage in the market. Since there are no minimal quantities, digital printing method allows us to produce unique pouches with varying information, quickly update product information, create seasonal packaging, test the market while reducing costs and waste at the same time. Digitally printed pouch is an effective marketing tool, which increases consumer participation and brand loyalty.

We can produce stand up pouches (doy pack), sachets, with clear window, with zip lock, euro punch hole, rounded corners and cuts for easy opening.

Based on your individual needs for the pouch, multilayer materials are chosen and recommended by our specialists. Pouches can have special barrier properties (Water Vapour barrier, Oxygen barrier, UV protection, tear protection and etc.)

Our team is ready to make your packaging projects a reality!