Serigraphy is a printing method when the print job is transferred on the material using the silk thread of different thicknesses. By using this method, a layer of paint can be transferred not only various types of paper or carton, but also on plastics, metals, wood, cloth and many more types of materials. Serigraph dyes have very rich and vibrant colors, have a glossy touch to it and are very resistant to external effects. Also, varying thickness surface can be achieved. We can print not only very exact linear images, but also multicolor raster images. Labels printed using this method will be durable and have exceptional look and feeling.

We can offer these serigraph services:

Direct serigraph printing – the image is transferred directly on the material. We can achieve additional effects using special dyes: sparkling, lighting in the dark or thermo active. This method is used when coloring T-shirts, patterns of cloth, working clothing, scarves, bags, etc.

T-shirt with a drawing is a great gift! We will produce your order in 2-3 business days.

You can also provide us with your own t-shirts. If you do not have a drawing, but you have an idea – we can also help you with the design.

Puff effect – it is painting with special kind of paint, which makes the painted surface to be risen. Mostly used on commercial textile production.

Transfers – it is an alternative method to direct serigraph printing. The picture is first printed on special type of paper (transfer) and then later it is printed on the product using thermal press. The advantage of this method is that it can deal with small details very effectively and it can be used on already finished products.

Flocking – it is a serigraph printing process when the printed surface is covered with textile glue and then with fiber particles. In such way, a layer which feels like suede is produced. Both textile and paper materials can be flocked. These products are very pleasing to touch.

Foiling  – it is a serigraph printing process when the printed surface is covered with textile glue and then a layer of thin golden, silver or different color of foil is placed using a hot press.