Transfer ribbons

Due to modern and efficient production line installed in our production facilities, we can quickly fulfill any type of order for transfer ribbons: custom diameters, any length, width or any type of transfer ribbons.

Because we are cutting and rolling the transfer ribbons ourselves, we are able to satisfy even the most fastidious clients. Differently from other suppliers, we are offering only carefully selected transfer ribbons from reliable manufacturers. Before the ribbons are sold, it has to go to another quality control check at our own facilities.

You could choose from these types of transfer ribbons:

  • WAX – Best suited for printing on white paper, most economical, rich black, susceptible to friction and chemicals;

  • PREMIUM WAX – High quality printing both on white and colored paper as well as film. It is economical, dark black ribbon. Susceptible to friction and chemicals;

  • WAX-RESIN – Exceptional printing quality both on white and colored paper as well as film. Best price and quality ratio, medium resistance to friction, but susceptible to chemicals.

  • RESIN – Mainly used for printing on different type of film: PP, PE, PET. Very high resistance for friction and chemicals;

  • RESIN-TEXTILE – Used for printing on textile materials: nylon, satin, Tyvek. High resistance for washing and stone-washing, very rich black color.

Our specialists will help you choose the best materials and advise you which transfer ribbon is best for different printers. Different printers have different technical requirements, like rolling direction, core and roll diameters, types of raw materials.