Woven labels

We are happy to offer You a very broad range of woven labels from natural and synthetic threads. Large selection of colours is constantly updated and new technologies allows us to offer the highest quality and high resolution.

We can weave for the following threads:

  • Cotton;

  • Polyester;

  • Half cotton, half polyester;

  • Wool;

  • Hemp;

  • Linen;

You can choose from different weaving types:

  • Digital;

  • Super high definition;

  • High definition;

  • Satin;

  • Reverse satin;

  • Taffeta;

  • Duplex;

In addition we can offer you extra weaving services:

  • Burnt cotton – Your labelling is pressed into the cotton by hot press and burning out the top layer;

  • Ribbons with rubber – this type of ribbons are widely used in trouser or underwear production. Decorate your product with your logo or exceptional colors;

Woven labels can be finished in the following ways:


  • With woven edges;

  • With ultrasonic knife;

  • With hot knife;

  • With lasers;

Folding types:

  • Middle fold;

  • Ends fold;

  • Manhattan fold;

  • Envelope fold;